About iXfactor

Founded in 1996 by Jason Johnson after more than 15 years in technology, iXfactor is a technology company that truly believes business drives technology and not the other way around.  Our original focus was on building large dynamic data-driven web application with a national presence.  From a technology perspective, it's a lot of fun to build a sign that handles more than 300 million hits a month and the least amount of hardware possible.  

As more customers learned what iXfactor had to offer, we were asked to build a better email marketing solution than what was available.  Never shying away from a challenge, we built a solution that exceeded our customer's expectations.  While the typical email marketing solution offered basic functionality and customization, our customer demanded more and we delivered!

While our custom development work has been cut back significantly to handle the growth and demand of our email marketing solution, we continue to offer those services to key customers.  We do this so we can stay in touch not only with the marketing of these sites, but to stay current on the development aspects to better the integration of our email marketing solution into those sites.

While you may find us from time to time dressing up for meeting, our environment is very casual and fun.  Our CEO has always believed you don't work better in a suit than you do in jeans and he means it!  We expect nothing but the best from our staff.

We now support customers of all sizes from small one person companies to Fortune 500 companies and what we hear most is that while our solution is one of the best they've used, our customer service is second to none.  Our customers like that when they pick up the phone, they don't get put through a ridiculous phone system or talk to someone that does nothing more than takes a number.  Our customers have direct numbers to support staff that can help them with their challenges on the phone right then and there.  No waiting, no call backs, just answers by staff that is both technical and understands marketing strategies.

Our mission is simple.  iXfactor strives to build a solution that both small and large companies will not outgrow while keeping the solution intuitive, cost effective, and most of all, NOT COMPLICATED!