Real-time Reporting and Analytics

A good looking email is great, but knowing it's success is even better. For every email you send, we provide a great set of reports allowing you to measure the success of the email, as well as the links within the email. Opens, link clicks, bounces, and more are reported on. We go the extra mile and break down unique versus total to give you an even clearer picture.

Reporting in action

Take reporting to a whole new level with drill-down capabilities. Reporting on the number of email opens, or example, is pretty easy to do. We take it furthers but giving you drill-down functionality to not only show you overall statistics, but who makes up those statistics, and every little detail about the even, such as an open or link click. You can drill down from the email job report down to the individual subscriber's profile data and event logs. No more guess, just a lot of fun understanding what your subscribers want.

Compare and identify trends

Compare the success of multiple email jobs to help identify key trends. In an easy-to-read report, we provide comparison reporting of general information such as opens, clicks, and opt-outs to name a few. Additionally, compare each link within the email to see which was more popular based on placement, text and more.

Google Analytics integration

Integrate Google Analytics with ease. Do nothing more than check a box and we'll add the necessary information to your email. Track your campaigns, sales and conversations from your email to better quantify the results of your email. Google Analytics is free, our integration is free, give it a's free!

More great features we offer

  • Unique versus total
  • HTML and text link clicks
  • Link popularity
  • Open rates
  • Categorized bounces
  • Unsubscribes
  • Spam reports
  • Report-only system users