Customer of all sizes find significant value in our solution

There are a ton of email marketing solutions out there that offer cookie-cutter templates. We're not one of them. Our customers want and expect a solution that they can customize and call their own. They want templates that can be customized to match their brand, colors, and layouts. They want a solution that has a known cost with no surprises and is reliable. They want iXfactor's solution.

Can we handle your needs?

With a customer base made up of global companies, individual consultants, and everyone in the middle, we are confident in our ability to handle your business and even more importantly, exceed your expectations. Furthermore, we offer a solution that has highly competitive pricing and best of all, it's a solution you won't out-grow as your needs grow. We grow with you and are very motivated to add new features based on our customers requests.


Resellers prefer the flexibility of our solution. Our pricing is simple, the functionality is unmatched, and our customer service is superb. Simply put, we offer a seemly solution that enables our resellers to offer additional services that increase their bottom line. Give your customers access to run their own campaigns, do everything on their behalf, or a mixer of the two. It's your call!