Unique features that matter most

Our solution has fantastic unique features that our customers just can't live with out.  They may seem random but as you will see, they are features we bet you wish you had.

Inserting external content

Insert all or partial content into an email from your website or other source at send time.  Our customers that send coupons or other daily emails love this feature because it allows them to generate content from their website that is either static or uses attributes of a subscriber to generate the content to be inserted into an email. Whether you are building the content of the entire email or small portions of it, our system can handle creating the exact email you need.  Some choose to build a template within out solution then insert blocks of content from their website while others insert the entire body of the email.  Insert static content that everyone gets or dynamic content based on each recipient's profile information.  The possibilities are endless!

Merge transactional data with marketing content

Using our API, you are able to create emails for order confirmations, password reminders, or any other type of transactional email generated from your own systems.  While most systems require that you generate the entire email and send it to the system through the API, our solution allows you send only the transactional data and have it merged with an email built within our solution.  This opens the door for a ton of possibilities.  Instead of developers being required to make changes to the emails, they can focus on the coding aspects while others work without our solution to create and modify the overall look of the email.  This includes placing the transactional content, inserting content from external sources, and editing all other aspects of the email as you see fit.

Change link URLs without having to resend an email

In the world of email marketing, there are few things worse then sending out an email only to find that a link is wrong or doesn't work.  Has this happened to you?  Well, it has happened to us.  Luckily, we have a feature to combat that problem without having the send the infamous "We're sorry..." email.  Even after an email is sent, our solution allows you to edit the link.  Once the link is edited and saved, the next click on that link within the email will go to the new URL.  We LOVE this feature and are sure you will to after you use it just once.

Host contests to that are guaranteed to grow your list

Post a link on your social media sites and watch your list grow.  It's simple to run contests.  First, determine what people will win, how many winners are allowed, and how often people can attempt to win.  Next, create your try again, winner, confirmation pages and emails, then post your link.  It's that simple.

Manage multiple master lists

Most solutions don't have the concept of a master list because all lists within the solution are part of a single master list.  This works for most, but there are times when you want to manage completely separate master lists.  This becomes extremely useful when managing multiple brands or departments within a single organization.  For example, let's say your organization has brand X and brand Y.  Brand X may sell snow blowers while brand Y sells lawn mowers.  While recipients may be on both lists, the data you capture for each brand may be entirely different.  Furthermore, the recipient may sell their snow blower and not want receive those emails but still wants to receive emails about their lawnmower.  Our solution provides the means to manage that in an easy and effective way without having to pay for 2 separate accounts.