Customer support you can count on

We have two primary reasons our customers stay with us so long. The most prominent reason is our support. We could write elaborate online help documents but who wants to read them, interpret them, and hopefully not make a mistake when emailing your entire list? Our customers don't! They rather pick up the phone and talk to someone that can walk them through the process to ensure no mistakes are made. That's what we do best. Hand-holding without the guilt of calling us.

New customer expectations

Most new customers wonder how things work when they first sign up. You know how it goes. The demo is great, the sales staff is helpful, and all is wonderful. What happens after you pick the solution is always the unknown. Not with us. We keep no secrets. Once your account is created, we personally want you through the system as it relates to your specific needs. No generic training. We get personal. We give you a support engineer's direct number who is there to help. It doesn't matter on your company's size. We help everyone!

24 / 7 / 365 Support

As much as we all like sleep, we like happy customers more. That's why we're always here. Whether you need help at 2am or during working hours, we're here waiting for your call or email. While some competitors measure their success on the number of customers they have, we measure ours on how long our customers stay with us. We promise not to tie you up and force you to stay but we will do everything we can to ensure your experience is positive and productive.