Resell and Increase Revenue

Private labels, custom pricing, and a great solution creating new revenue.  iXfactor built the solution with resellers in mind. We keep things simple by giving you a single account that gives you access to everything. Using a single log in, create an unlimited number of customers but get the buying power of volume pricing. Even better, you can do the work for your clients or give them access to only their information within your account so they can send their own emails.

Single log in access

As a reseller, you can have multiple reseller users that can access all your customers information from a single log in. Using a reseller account, you can create an unlimited number of client accounts. Each client account can have an unlimited number of users as well but are limited to seeing only their information. We provide you the functionality but allow you to organize the data in a way that suites you and your clients best.

Set your own pricing

Our pricing is simple. You get the benefits of buying in bulk based on the overall volume of all your clients. You can then set your own pricing for each client. Even better, you use your own accounting system to invoice your clients, giving you seamless integration into your current billing practices. Our invoice to you details the cost per client so you can easily bill accordingly without having to disclose anything to us.

Create your own templates

Whether you want to provide your clients with custom templates, sign-up pages, preference centers, surveys, or just about anything else, we make it easy to do. Do you resell in a vertical market? The ability to make custom templates available to one or more of your clients is a great way to add value to your clients that want more control to send their own emails.

Powerful yet simple editors

Creating an email shouldn't be difficult. Our editors make the process as straight forward as creating a document in a typical word processor. This not only makes you and your clients more efficient, but cuts down on support time for your clients. For more advanced users that prefers to use tools such as Dreamweaver or Expressions, simply paste the HTML source into our source editor.