Manage your subscriber lists

We take all the hard work out of the equation. Import a single file or more and we handle merging, duplicates, and updates with the more current data imported. Even better, we automate the processing of bounces, unsubscribe requests, and spam complaints for you so you can focus on what matters most ... getting the message out.

Multiple sources, multiple lists

We understand that most companies don't have a single list of all your subscribers. Whether you have a single source or 10 sources of subscriber data, you can import them all and we handle the rest. Does your company have multiple business lines with separate lists that need to stay separate? We handle that too. We allow you to have an unlimited number of master lists too.

Sign-up pages

There is nothing worse than a sign-up page you can't get to look like another page on your website. We allow you 3 choices; take our HTML, customize it and place it on your site, or use your own form and sent subscriber data using our API, or you can use our landing page builder to build a page that we will host. Don't worry, our hosted pages have virtually no limits so you can use JavaScript, Flash, video, or anything else you'd like.


Segmentation made easy

Eye-opening reports that let you measure the effectiveness of every email job you send. Learn more then just how many opens and link clicks each job received and measure conversion rates, sales, ROI and more with Google Analytics integration. Find a broken link in an email you already sent, our reporting system lets you change the links on the fly to correct the problems without having to resend the email.

More great features we offer

  • Unlimited number of signup forms
  • Opt-in confirmation (Double opt-in)
  • Custom preference centers
  • Surveys
  • API integration
  • Segmentation
  • Suppression lists
  • Bounce handling
  • Spam handling
  • File import via web, email, FTP
  • Multiple master lists
  • Custom fields per master list