Create & send gorgeous emails

Using our editors or your own tools, create incredible looking emails without limits. Designing emails has never been easier. Use our line editors or your own. It's your call. Many designers and developers use offline products such as Adobe Dreamweaver or Microsoft Expressions which works great. Unlike many solutions available, our solution has no limitations on layout or design. No layout grids to pick from or templates that you are forced to use. Just like building a web page, you have the freedom to design the email to your exact specifications. If you are sending daily emails that change dynamically, no problem! Tell us where to pull the content from and the email sent will include content from your system. We'll even pass subscriber attributes in the URL if needed so you can generate content specific to each subscrber.

Email testing

Testing should be a required aspect of every good email marketing program.  Our solution is no different.  There is no cost to sending test emails and it's highly encouraged to ensure the emails look correct in Yahoo!, Hotmail, Gmail, AOL, and others.  Testing is also the best way to ensure your email isn't getting flagged as spam.


Our dedicated Deliverability Specialist does everything possible to ensure your email is delivered typically at rates above 98%.  In addition to dedicated staff, we employ several technologies such as SPF, Domain Keys, DKIM, Sender ID, and a host of other methods to make your email delivery exceptional.


Autoresponders & drip campaigns

Whether you have a birthday club, membership program, or points system, our solution makes it easy to send targeted automated emails based on behavioral, demographic, or psychographic data.  Additionally, send a series of emails at predefined intervals based on a number of different triggers.  These are great for new member or new customer emails as a way to educate them on the services or products offered.

Integrate your applications

Automation is great at increasing proficiency, reliability, and response time.  Our robust API allows just that.  Integrate your contact management systems, eCommerce systems, analytic systems and other to create a fully automated email marketing solution.  Additionally, we can pull content from your system automatically thus eliminating the need to create email content within our system.  Simply provide a static or dynamically created URL using subscribers profile attributes and we'll do the rest.  We will even store the results so we don't have to pull content from your server for every recipient.


Transactional emails

Using our API, you can send transactional emails such as receipts, password reminders, travel vouchers, or anything else based on an event within your website or application.  Even better, the transactional data can be merged with marketing content written in an email managed through our web interface.  This allows the marketing folks to do what they do best while allowing the programmers to generate an email for a specific transaction.

More great features

  • Personalization and dynamic content
  • Email scheduling
  • No need for cookie-cutter templates
  • No need for predefined layouts
  • Powerful drill-down reporting
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Both simple and advanced editors
  • Email archiving